6 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Be More Successful

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6 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Be More Successful

Are you new to the real estate business, and wondering how you can start being more successful?

Being an agent takes work, and a lot of time invested on your part. Just like with any business, it involves long days and doing things for free at the beginning.

And some agents give up after a while, because someone’s gotta pay the bills! Others aren’t committed enough and give it up to stay at their current job. When there are other things in life, like relationships and families, and fun activities, it’s hard to put your business first.

What I am going to tell you in this article isn’t some new secret that no one’s ever heard before. It’s probably something you’ve already heard in your time as a real estate agent. But, it’s the key to what makes someone successful compared to someone who isn’t.

With how the world is now, we all want things to come to us instantly. We have the world at our fingertips with our phones, and a lot of things do happen within an instant. It’s now difficult for our world to develop patience, and an understanding that not all things are handed to us with the click of a button.

Running a business as a real estate agent takes work. That’s all there is to it, and it depends on how far you’re willing to go in order to succeed. Are you willing to give up your Saturdays to do showings for other real estate agents, and not make any money from it? Just to possibly get your name out there?

Are you willing to travel around town with a potential client, who in the end decides they aren’t ready to buy a house? Do you want to be a real estate agent bad enough, that you understand the time spent on all of these things isn’t wasted time, but it’s putting in the work?

Here are some ways you can start being more successful as an agent

1. Be Persistent

It may seem that some real estate agents have it so much easier. Maybe certain things fell in their lap, like getting their first few clients because they happened to know people who wanted to buy a house. But, for the most part, being an agent isn’t that easy, and there are times when things dry up. In the winter, not a lot of people are looking to buy a house, and that can put a dent into your savings account.

The main point here is to be persistent, and practice it every day. During the times where you don’t have any clients, spend that building up your social media presence. Send out weekly newsletters to your e-mail list, go out to networking dinners and tell the world what you do.

Being persistent is pretty much the #1 key to your success, and doing whatever it takes to be an agent. Which involves you wanting it badly enough. And that is where some people fall short, because they were only in it for the big paycheck. But they realize it takes a lot more work than that. So don’t give up, and work your ass off.

2. Embrace Rejection

Anyone who’s ever decided to start a business and do things their way has dealt with rejection. And a lot of it. Rejection is a part of life, and it’s a huge part of being a real estate agent. You will deal with a lot of people saying no, or deciding to go with someone else, or not being interested in what you have to offer.

Rejection can hurt the ego, and for some people that’s a risk they aren’t willing to take. So, work on embracing rejection by continuously putting yourself out there. The only way you’ll learn how to get over the fear of rejection is by getting rejected multiple times. So connect with people, and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Again, this is why people give up. Getting rejected sucks, and it feels like it has everything to do with you as a person, but in reality it’s just part of the business. And the quicker you can learn how to not take it personally, the quicker you will succeed.

3. Discipline Yourself

Maybe you have some savings in the bank that allows you to quit your job and be a real estate agent full-time. The idea of it sounds great, but the reality of it is tough. It takes getting up every morning and sticking to a plan, and pushing yourself to do it. Discipline is when you could spend the whole day catching up on Netflix shows, but you choose to go out into the world and possibly get rejected.

If you can learn this early on in your career, you’ll be better off. Figure out what needs to be done every day, and create a strategy for yourself. Then chip away at it every single day, even during the days where you aren’t seeing any progress. Because those are the toughest days, and the one’s that will challenge you the most.

4. Invest In Yourself

I like the saying ‘you gotta spend money to make money’, because it’s true. And the one’s who are willing to invest in themselves and their business succeed quicker. This also requires you knowing the right things to invest in.

Maybe that’s learning more about real estate by buying books, taking a course, or hiring an assistant to help with things you don’t have time to focus on. Hiring a content writer for your website, or a social media marketer can make a big difference on your business. Because, these things are essential to your business, but they aren’t the reason why you want to be a real estate agent.

Investing money on learning how to be the best agent you can, and outsourcing the things that you don’t want to do can help you stay motivated in your business. Spending money on it is where some people come to a halt. And get in this mindset that they will start investing in these things, once they are making money. But, usually the opposite is true.

And a big thing to learn in real estate, is you do need to invest in things. It’s all about the ROI, and knowing what is going to benefit you in the long run. And if you can hire someone to do your social media marketing, and get a couple of clients through that, then the money spent hiring a professional will be well worth it.

5. Be Willing To Put Yourself Out There

This is another scary thing, and the reason why most people decide to stay at their corporate jobs. Some love to stay in their comfort bubble, and it can be hard to pop that bubble and get out of your comfort zone. But, in order to be an agent, that’s exactly what you need to do.

I’m not saying that you have to pretend to be someone else, and turn into a really outgoing person. I’m saying that you need to learn to push yourself and see what boundaries you can cross. It will help you learn more about yourself as a person and see what you are capable of. And if you aren’t a very outgoing person, then try to set some goals that are easy to achieve.

  • Talk to 4 people at an open house
  • Go to a networking conference this month and meet 3 new people
  • Practice talking to more people about your business.

Again, being a real estate agent doesn’t mean you have to be a strong-willed salesperson, most homebuyers don’t like that anyways, but learning how to put yourself out there will be huge for becoming a successful real estate agent.

6. Don’t Give Up

This one sounds obvious, but it’s true. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is the people who keep trying, even after they have failed. Some like to stay on the ground once they’ve been knocked down. But the one’s who are those hugely successful agents that you’ve met are the ones who didn’t give up when it got hard.

Being a real estate agent involves developing a strong mindset and pushing through those times that really suck. Those months where you don’t see any progress, and haven’t gotten a paycheck. Those times where it seems like things go against you, testing you. That’s when it would be incredibly easy to give up on it.

Not giving up is what will make you successful, and learning how to deal with the ebbs and flows of the business.

If you can stick to these tips, then you will no doubt be a successful real estate agent. The tough part is, that might not be for a few months or a year, because it takes time. But, if you want it bad enough then you will figure out a way to make it work for you.


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