How Real Estate Agents Can Get More People To Their Website

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How Real Estate Agents Can Get More People To Their Website

Let’s say you are working hard on your website, following the all the rules on how to get more readers to your site.

You’re creating valuable content, sharing on your social media platforms, and becoming an SEO expert.

How come you seem to be doing everything right, and yet only a few people are visiting your site a month?

First off, this is normal if you have a new website. And by new, I mean 6 months or younger. It takes a while for your website to start showing up in Google, and whenever you write a new blog post, it will take a few weeks to rank on Google.

So one thing is to learn to be patient with your site. It’s an investment on your part, and it takes time to see real results.

A lot of people claim to say they reached over 4,000 views in their first month, and some get lucky.

They know the right kind of content to write, and some people are just in the right place at the right time.

But for the most part, the successful people who get a lot of traffic to their site work really hard.

A little bit of elbow grease and hard work can go a loong way in your business.

You’re on the right track with your business, but you just need to learn some key steps in how to get your name out there.

A great way to start is by engaging with your audience.

You have some followers on Facebook and Twitter and a few connections on Linkedin, use these people to your advantage!

Start digging deeper into social media. Go find out where your potential clients are hanging out, join Facebook groups or Twitter chats. Answer their questions, comment on their posts, like things, re-tweet. Comment on other blog posts that are in line with yours.

Marketing yourself can only go so far, but you need to be actively engaging with your audience.

This one step will help your business tremendously.

I like to relate this step to people who want an easy way to lose weight quickly. If you end up losing weight really fast, it most likely means you’re doing something wrong.

It also means that weight will come back on just as quickly as it came off. The same goes for your traffic. Some people might get thousands of readers a month, but it means nothing if that traffic doesn’t turn into regular readers.

A lot of blogs are popular with a small reader-base. But, those people who read those blogs are hard-core, dedicated people. Those are the people who will buy products on that blog, and promote that blog.

You want to find that audience. You don’t need to have thousands of readers, you just need to have dedicated, influenced readers.

Practice Being Patient

There are hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs out their. But, a lot of them are vacant.

So many people read about starting a website and creating blog posts for their business. But, they give up quickly.

So, while there is plenty of competition out there as a real estate agent, there are also a lot of people who give in when things get hard.

The beginning stages of creating a blog for your site are exciting, but it’s a lot of work to keep up with it. After about 3 months without seeing any results is when people start to lose momentum.

It takes time to build up a website and online presence, but it’s essential for your real estate biz. If you can work on being patient, and creating a routine for yourself, it will pay off eventually.

Go The Extra Mile, It's Never Crowded

Create Enticing Opt-ins

It used to be that people would just put in their e-mail addresses to sign up for a newsletter, but people are more skeptical about giving their emails out to just anyone.

A great way to bring more people to your site, and get them to sign up for your newsletter once they get there, is through opt-ins.

Opt-ins are buttons around your site that give your reader something for free, if they give out their e-mail and name.

Some ideas for opt-ins are:

Do You Make These 9 Mistakes Before Looking At A House?

How To Get A Lower Interest Rate (Even If You’re Scared To Ask)

These are extras that people can choose to sign up for. And when they put their e-mail address in, they receive the answer in an e-mail.

Try to come up with a few opt-in ideas for your site, and you can tag these on to your blog posts. This is a great way to get people more interested in what you’re talking about. And, a great way to get more leads!

With all this said, it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t work for you as an agent.

You also have to be able to give it enough time to see if things work or not. So come up with a social media strategy that you can follow daily. Focus on commenting on 5 new profiles a day, and following 10 new people.

And, no matter what some people might say, promoting other people’s blogs by sharing them on your social media will get you more traffic. Just because you are promoting other sites, doesn’t mean no one will want to go to yours.

If you can build credibility by re-sharing articles you enjoy, and things that you think will be beneficial for your audience, you will come across as a knowledgable real estate agent who has valuable resources.

Not a lot of people like people who only promote themselves. Give other people credit, and try to focus on re-sharing content more than promoting your own.



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